I left full-time employment in September 2011 and have since been busier than ever as a freelance writer and editor for educational publishers and research organizations. I live on a 3 acre farmette in central Ohio where my Internet access is sometimes challenging.

I’m trying to find ways to actually put into practice some of the technological tools that I’ve been learning about for the past few years. Because I work for textbook publishers, I naturally think about the future of the entire industry. What happens when students can access all kinds of information without the aid of a classroom and a teacher? Classrooms would have to change, right? So what happens to textbooks because of this unprecedented access to this information coupled with revolutionary change that should/will happen to schools? Are there no more textbooks and I’m out of a job?

 This blog was started for the courses in Emerging Technologies for Learning certificate program at the University of Manitoba, so there are a bunch of different topics I think about in relation to our course readings.


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