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One of our tasks in the Introduction to Emerging Technologies course at the University of Manitoba is to create a diagram of our personal learning environment (PLE). My problem with the many PLE examples I’ve found in the last couple of years is that they

  1. do not show how PLEs change over time
  2. are static diagrams rather than active, flowing animations

I’ve tried to address my first concern by playing with a timeline-based PLE map using the online (and free) tool MyHistro.   

What I like about this is the timeline approach as well as the ability to add pictures, maps, and other multimedia. I’ve set this example to “play” automatically, so it’s sort of non-static as well. What I don’t like about it is that I cannot (or haven’t figured out yet how to) make connections between the timeline events. For instance, in this small sample, I would want to connect HyperCard to the beginnings of the Web (jumping over several years, but having stuff in between such as email, FTP, gopher, etc.). The “story” one creates with this tool is quite linear, as timelines are wont to be.

Last year I started with a Prezi-based PLE diagram, and I think I may go back to that for my course project. However, I’m happy to have learned a little bit about MyHistro (although it doesn’t work as well as I might expect; for instance, no matter what, I can’t seem to get the timeline events to “play” in order).

For University of Manitoba ETL program course 98908

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